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Introducing Our New Look: Integrated Tax & Wealth Strategies

Introducing Our New Look: Integrated Tax & Wealth Strategies

April 01, 2023

As wealth advisors, we get to educate people about finances, help them make wise decisions with their money, and ultimately, help them use their resources to experience the world and wonders around us. We strive to help you get your house in order– guiding you and your family toward your goals, executing your unique financial plan, and adjusting along the way.


We believe in a holistic financial plan focused on your needs and wants while giving you the flexibility to change as life evolves. Our goal as a firm is to help you uncomplicate your finances.


We are excited to launch a refreshed brand identity that reflects our core purpose. You’ll notice a number of changes for our firm including:

  • A new logo that symbolizes the integrated solutions we offer
  • A new easy-to-use website that delivers valuable information and regularly refreshed content through our blog
  • New social media platforms for Integrated Tax & Wealth Strategies: Follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook for tips and insights from our team

Our new brand is reflective of the evolution and growth that we have undergone since our inception, and we are excited to share this new chapter with you.

Our commitment to providing you with a high level of service remains unchanged — we will continue to provide clients with clarity on the products and services that best fit their unique situations. We are excited to continue working with our clients under our new brand and look forward to the opportunities this change will bring.

Although the look of our firm is changing, our people, location, purpose, and passion are not. Our team will continue to offer a wide range of financial advice and tax services to help you achieve your holistic financial goals. We are grateful for your trust and confidence and look forward to helping you pursue your financial goals. It’s our privilege to be a resource for you.